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GS Marketing introduces atomDirect, the all new addition to the atom suite of services.

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What is atomDirect?

atomDirect is a communications program that works as the perfect complement to your atomEssentials, atomCore or atomPremium program to ensure you are reaching each customer at the right time, in the right way and with the right message. atomDirect consists of multiple communication plans that use different channels, data segmentation and strategies. We will work with you to determine which plan best fits your needs. GS Marketing developed atomDirect to ensure we are able to fully meet the marketing needs of your dealership and provide you with the highest ROI possible.

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atomDirect’s foundation is built on the success of personalized communications combined with dealer personalization. According to a Direct Marketing Association study, campaigns using personalized mail pieces showed a 300% increase in lead responses.

- Based on Direct Marketing Association data

New atomDirect Products



DirectTouch uses advanced data segmentation and variable print techniques to send your customers the ultimate in personalization. Customers will receive direct communications with their name, vehicle model and offers that are based on a customer's loyalty to your service department.

Segments Include:

  • Active Loyal
  • Defecting
  • Lost
  • Prospect
  • RetentionPlus


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Exclusives offer dealers a core direct mail product that allows for easy month-to-month deployment with little dealer management. With simple execution, Exclusives offer advanced personalization, dealer specific branding and higher ROI.


  • Choice of target customer list
  • Up to five, full-color coupons
  • Dealer-branded message
  • Full-color coupons


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MyMailers are a customized marketing option tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients. MyMailers give dealers the opportunity to customize every aspect of their mailer from the creative, to the coupons to the target customer list.


  • Custom customer segments
  • Custom creative
  • Custom coupons
  • High quality design


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Reminders offer dealers the opportunity to target specialized segments of customers that are small in size but offer major gains in OEM metrics, such as SCR, and ROI. Customers will receive a personalized direct mail with offers that match their needs.

Launching in early 2016

Segments Include:

  • SCR
  • Mature Vehicle
  • Never Sold / Serviced


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Features & Benefits

Competition MyMailers Exclusives DirectTouch
Manufacturer Branding
Dealership Selected Coupon Offers
Dealership Brags & Awards
Color Dealership Logos
Dealership Photo
Enhanced Color Coupons
Unique Creative Theme
Personalized Consumer Messages
Targeted Segmentation
ASM Color-coding

atomDirect Gears

With Gear 1, you receive access to myatomDirect.com. Your account provides you with the tools to manage your dealerships marketing. It includes 24/7 access to performance reporting, your marketing calendar, past offers and more.

Gear 1

Gear 2 adds an Email-to-Mail match marketing service. Every direct mail campaigns sent in atomDirect will also have a corresponding email campaigns sent as a follow-up communication.

Gear 2

Gear 3 is the best overall value and generates the best impact for a dealership. With the addition of ServiceLift™, you expand your dealerships reach with a service focus but sales ready mobile app.

Gear 3

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